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Release has been delayed! Check out this post for more info.

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Cobalt is the brainchild of Oxeye Game Studio, which consists of Jens Bergensten, Daniel Brynolf, and Pontus Hammerberg.

Throughout its long development process it's become become dense with features but the main thing to learn is that you play as a cute cyborg with a passion for 2d multiplayer battles involving extreme slow-mo and combat rolls.

Cobalt will be released on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Steam in February 2016, but you can play the remarkably dated alpha version on PC and Mac right now.

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Cobalt will be released in February 2016!

    It will include:

  • An intense adventure for 1-2 players
  • Deathmatch!
  • Team-Strike!
  • Capture The Plug!
  • Speed and combat challenges!
  • Nail-biting survival mode!
  • Cute robos
  • Lots of upgradable guns
  • Slo-mo combat rolls and rocket punches
  • Tamable Space Hamsters

  • Online multiplayer for up to 8 players on Windows Steam, Xbox 360 and Xbox One
  • Level editor for Windows and Mac

Access the remarkably dated Alpha today!

    It features:

  • Arcade game modes
  • Single player challenges
  • A level editor
  • Slightly less cute robos
  • Some upgradable guns
  • Slo-mo combat rolls and rocket punches
  • Space Hamsters

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124i ALPHA for Windows

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124i ALPHA for Mac

    What you get when pre-ordering:

  • Alpha access for Windows and Mac today!
  • Full version when released in February 2016, including Windows Steam key!
  • You're supporting the ongoing development of Cobalt. What a nice thing to do
  • We will love you for it

Buy Cobalt €9.95

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